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Hume Pipe

Hume Pipe also known as Precast concrete pipe is the strongest pipe available. It was invented by John Hume, a citizen of the United States. Hume Pipes can be designed and plant tested to resist any load required. Unlike flexible pipe, it has minimal reliance on installation to support loads; it relies primarily on its inherent brute strength manufactured into the pipe. That adds up to a tremendous difference in the design, the installation and the long-term success of a project. The compressive strengths for concrete pipe normally range from 4,000 psi to 8,000 psi. Wire reinforcement in concrete pipe adds significantly to its inherent strength. Reinforced concrete pipe is a composite structure and specially designed to use the best features of both concrete and reinforcement. The concrete is designed for the compressive force and the reinforcement for the tensile force.


External Load Strength
Corrosion Resistance
Excellent Flow Characteristics


Collar Joint Pipes

NP-2 80MM T0 2200MM
NP-3 80MM TO 2600MM
NP-4 80MM TO 2600M

Spigot Socket Rubber Ringroll Pipes

NP-2 80MM T0 2200MM
NP-3 80MM TO 900MM
NP-4 80MM TO 900M

Spigot Socket Pressure Class

NP-2 80MM T0 1200MM
NP-3 80MM TO 1000MM
NP-4 80MM TO 800MM

Spigot Socket Ring Confined

NP-2 1000MM T0 2600MM
NP-3 1000MM TO 2600MM


Drainage & Sewerage